The closer we are with animals on a daily basis, the better. After all, we all have the same goal… to make sure our planet does not disappear. We should create more farm animal sanctuaries instead of tall buildings that challenge the birds. Think of Earthlines, rather than Skylines, and let's find a way to co-exist with the other animals on earth. 



                                                                                                                 - Yoko Ono

mission and vision

Through music and the undeniable influence of the musicians themselves, we are committed to help raise funds to save the lives of countless animals in need.  By promoting compassion and awareness on a global level we hope to create a far-reaching, positive effect on the entire planet.

visit a farm sanctuary

Go further and experience first-hand the daily lives of the rescued animals and meet the people behind the organizations who care for them.  Delve into a heart-warming learning experience that will truly enrich your life and inspire you to help others​.


It is an honor to lend my support to CFEI and to the many wonderful animal sanctuaries that the Home On The Range project will benefit. Each and every day these organizations give peace, for all, a chance.


                                                                                              - Martha Quinn


about Our vision

Home On The Range was conceived and produced by Kneel Cohn of the band Warshow Angels for the purpose of raising funds for farm animal sanctuaries and to advocate on behalf of abused and neglected animals. By combining the undeniable influence of music with the passionate and outspoken nature of the musicians themselves,  Home On The Range provides a distinct voice for millions of sentient beings that suffer due to a lack of compassion and awareness. Join us in helping promote peace for all living things on earth.


Simply by purchasing a download of the album or a copy of the CD you are donating funds directly to four different farm sanctuaries across the US.  The recording artists have generously donated their music to raise money to help feed, care for, and provide safe shelter for rescued farm animals.

Residents of farm sanctuaries include rescued cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and other little critters who have previously been abused and neglected. Farm sanctuaries provide a safe shelter for thousands of animals who are then given clean and spacious housing, proper medical care, and fed a healthy diet so they can for once live a peaceful life. 

These organizations depend on contributions and volunteers to continue to rescue, care for, feed, and provide a safe environment for animals who have met with the most unfortunate of circumstances. The proceeds from the sale of the Home On The Range CD will be distributed directly to these organizations and the people devoted to maintaining these vital animal havens.