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Break Up The Concrete

Written by Chrissie Hynde

Published by Hynde House Of Hits / EMI (ASCAP)

Performed by The Pretenders

Licensed courtesy of EMI Music, Inc

The Day

Written and performed by Moby

​Published by Little Idiot (BMI)

Licensed courtesy of Little Idiot

Make It Back

Written by Joan Jett, Dougie Needles & Kenny Laguna

Published by Jett Pack Music, Inc (BMI)

Performed by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Licensed courtesy of Blackheart Records Group, Inc

Shell Games

Written by Conor Oberst

Published by Songs Music Publishing LLC (BMI)

Performed by Bright Eyes

Licensed courtesy of Songs Music Publishing, LLC

Assault and Battery

Written and performed by Howard Jones

​Published by Howard Jones Music Ltd / Warner Music (BMI)

Licensed courtesy of Howard Jones Music ltd.


​Written by Fred Mascherino

Published by The Color Fred (ASCAP)

Performed by The Color Fred

Licensed courtesy of The Color Fred

Suitcase Song

Written and performed by Nellie McKay

Published by Sony Music Entertainment (ASCAP)

Licensed courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon

​Written and performed by Justin Sane

Published by Justin Sane (BMI)

Licensed courtesy of Justin Sane

Ode To Meadow

​Written and performed by Yoko Ono

​Published by Yoko Ono Lennon (BMI)

Licensed courtesy of Yoko Ono Lennon

Sound The Alarm

Written and performed by Princess Superstar

​Published by Avant Garde Music (BMI)

Licensed courtesy of Avant Garde Music

Bang Bang Love & Love Hz

Written by Kneel Cohn

Performed by Warshow Angels

Published by Kneel Cohn (BMI)

Pray For My Machine

Written by Kneel Cohn

Performed by Sin Corporation

Published by Kneel Cohn (BMI)


Only available on the Home On The Range benefit album.


Home On The Range will be available on CD and as a digital download through iTunes, Google Music and CD Baby. 


The Pretenders

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers fronted by the outspoken Chrissie Hynde join Home On The Range with the upbeat and raucous track 'Break Up The Concrete'. Throughout her brilliant career she's been associated with activism, specifically on behalf of animals. Her many talents and ethical vegan lifestyle continue to inspire generations to come.


From his early days as a DJ, electronic musician, songwriter, and vegan, Moby has been a prominent champion for farm animals and charitable causes. Home On The Range is proud and honored to include an exclusive acoustic and lushly orchestrated version of 'The Day', available only on this album.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Legendary rock n' roller and feminist icon Joan Jett has joined our benefit with the empowering and upbeat  "Make it Back". From her early days in The Runaways to recently becoming a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, she's always defied convention and is ready to fight for a worthy cause. Animal rights and veganism are very close to her heart, making it an honor to include her on Home On The Range.

Yoko Ono Lennon

As a performance artist, musician, filmmaker and activist, Yoko Ono's name is synonymous with the peace movement the world over. She and her late husband John Lennon, both known for their very vocal political activism and war protests have rallied and inspired people for decades. It is with great honor we present 'Ode To Meadow', a touching memorial to the Lennon's beloved family pet, reminding us that all animals are the same. The song is an exclusive available only on the Home On The Range benefit.

Howard Jones

Synthpop legend Howard Jones is one of the defining figures of the 80's MTV generation. His upbeat yet poignant songs covered many topics including vegetarianism and animal rights. Home On The Range is proud to feature an exclusive live version of the classic and thought-provoking track 'Assault and Battery'.

Nellie McKay

Singer, songwriter, actress and vegan activist Nellie McKay's unique and quirky blend of jazz and pop is showcased here with an exclusive demo version of 'Suitcase Song'. In addition to being featured in our Home On The Range documentary, she's well-known for her stunning and diverse performances ranging from The Threepenny Opera on Broadway to Garrison Keillor's folksy Prairie Home Companion.

The Color Fred

Fred Mascherino, the former Taking Back Sunday singer and guitarist is also well known for his solo project, The Color Fred. As an environmentalist and vegan, we're thrilled to have Fred's support and proud to feature an exclusive demo version of 'Complaintor' available only on Home On The Range.

Warshow Angels

Vocalist, guitarist, producer, filmmaker and vegan activist Kneel Cohn of Warshow Angels is joined by Todd Bryerton, former drummer of vegan activist electro-industrial group Consolidated, Tony Barber of Buzzcocks fame on bass and Nicky Garrett of the influential punk outfit UK SUBS providing additional guitars. Included here are two tracks, 'Bang Bang Love' and an exclusive alternate 4-track mix of 'Love Hz'.

Princess Superstar

Vegan rapper, DJ and television personality, Princess Superstar's boisterous blend of electronica and rap is featured here with a radio version of 'Sound The Alarm'. In addition to being featured in our Home On The Range documentary, her recent work includes a reality show called 'I Love Princess Superstar' and a single with comedian Margaret Cho.

Last Amendment

Penny Rimbaud and Eve Libertine of the influential anarchist punk group Crass joined by Tony Barber of UK's post-punk legends Buzzcocks continue to innovate as Last Amendment. A very special exclusive studio track called 'The First Goat' is available only here on the Home On The Range farm animal benefit.

Stephen R Burroughs

Reclusive Head Of David vocalist, author and animal rights advocate Stephen R Burroughs makes a rare appearance here with a demo version of 'The Stars Left Off Mockery'. The song marks his first release since the Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic / Alan Vega / Stephen Burroughs collaboration 'Che' and we're honored.

Justin Sane

An outspoken animal activist, Justin Sane is the lead singer and guitarist of the politically-charged punk band ANTI-FLAG. He appears here on Home On The Range with a solo track called 'Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon'. 

Modern Day Alchemy

CFEI founders and vegan activists Karen Ellis-Ritter and her husband Joshua Ritter make up the band Modern Day Alchemy showcased here with an exclusive version of 'Dark Delight'. Both Karen and Joshua are featured in the Home On The Range documentary discussing CFEI's dedication to animal rights and compassion through outreach and education.

The Giving Tree Band

Founded by environmental and vegan activist brothers Todd and Eric Fink, The Giving Tree Band is featured here with an exclusive studio version of 'Peace On The Mountain'. Known for their exhaustive efforts to create eco-friendly music, their recordings have been made using 100% renewable solar energy and their earth friendly packaging consisting of all recycled materials. Their distinctive blend of bluegrass and Americana is prominently featured in the Home On The Range documentary.

Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst, the founder of Bright Eyes emphatically stated in a PETA interview that veganism is the solution to ending animal cruelty as well as improving our environment. We're proud to include an exclusive live version of 'Shell Games' on the Home On The Range benefit.


Electro chillwave band Dropa is fronted by animal advocate Micah Tamblyn, the son of Larry Tamblyn from the 60's garage rock band The Standells. The moody and infectious track "Estimated Arrival' featured on Home On The Range is an emotive blend of post-punk, layered instrumentation and enigmatic vocals.

The Lovestains

The bluesy rock outfit The Lovestains is fronted by vegan and 'rock n' roll life coach' Share Ross of the hard rock band Vixen is joined by her husband, Bam Ross of The Dogs D'Amour. The spunky track 'Downtown' can be heard right here on the Home On The Range farm animal benefit.

Joy Askew

Singer, songwriter and vegan activist Joy Askew has performed with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson and Joe Jackson throughout her singing career. We're proud to include a special exclusive remix of her thought-provoking track 'Walk The Dog', available only here on Home On The Range.

Early Melodic Animals

Fronted by musician, actor and vegan activist JD Parsons, Early Melodic Animals includes musician and filmmaker Riz Story, Daniel Hudson and drummer Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction. Presented here on Home On The Range is the track 'Feel Low'.

Sin Corporation

Electro-industrial project Sin Corporation is a revamp of the 90's club-charting band 'Spirits In Sin' which included Kneel Cohn and Ron McLin. Presented here on Home On The Range is an exclusive remix of the band's 12" vinyl-only single, 'Pray For My Machine'.

© Copyright - Compassionate Farming Education Initiative / C.F.E.I.

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Artist & track listing


​​​​01 The Pretenders Break Up The Concrete
02 Bright Eyes Shell Games (live) *
03 Moby The Day (acoustic version) *
04 Nellie McKay Suitcase Song (studio demo) *
​05 Howard Jones Assault & Battery (live) *
06 Warshow Angels Bang Bang Love
​07 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Make It Back
08 Princess Superstar Sound The Alarm (radio edit) *
09 The Color Fred Complaintor (studio demo) *
10 Justin Sane Cassette Deck, Road Trip, Grand Canyon
11 Yoko Ono Ode To Meadow  *
12 The Giving Tree Band Peace On The Mountain *
13 Joy Askew Walk The Dog (remix) *
14 Modern Day Alchemy Dark Delight *
​15 Dropa Estimated Arrival
16 Warshow Angels w/ Tony Barber & Nicky Garratt Love Hz (8 bit edit)*
17 The Lovestains Downtown
18 Early Melodic Animals Feel Low 
19 Stephen R. Burroughs The Stars Left Off Mockery (acoustic demo) *
20 Last Amendment The First Goat *
21 Sin Corporation Pray For My Machine (V.2 remix) *
Denotes exclusive track available only on Home On The Range
Produced by Kneel Cohn
Mastered by Steve Sundholm





Includes rare and exclusive songs